Did You lost Your Ration Card - Get New One Here

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Ration card online has been the top most blog in india that gives the most of the greatest article information on ration card . So , today we are going to share most of the useful information  " What to do when we lost ration card and how to get the new one ? " lost ration card is quite common , when you are travelling or flood or any other by means . so we are here to help you out related to this mean while you can check on how to apply for ration card online in india 2016 or 2015 .Below is the complete instructions on how to get new ration card if you have been lost. The government of india has been planning to implement this schemes in the year of 2014 to get the full detailed information about ration card , and in that time the food supplier government had implemented the most of the sites in the particular area in order to get the ration card online and try to provide all of the documents that has been implemented on those sites in 2015 or 2016.

lost Your Ration Card

Below is the complete list of sites that we are just shared over here if you lost rasan card  in 2015 or 2016, so do check out . For , each state there has been one website , in order to get all of the state wide article source of information you may have a look at those sites . In order to get new ration card once you have been lost , we share the the complete information in 2016 or 2015 with detailed instructions on how to get new ration card if lost. Below is the complete source of article that we have been taken from the food supplier state wide website and other website in order to write " for what to do if you lost ration card ? . If you have any doubt in your mind related to this article don't hesitate to write down the comment , we are here to help you out related to this , No matter what even though you can contact us here in order to get the right information to your Email Id.


We are here to share the best possible methods , such that we are going to cover in two best possible ways in order to get new ration card if lost , one is from offline method by submitting the application form ( duplicate form ) - this method is far by the best method so far and other method is online -we couldn't guarantee that you will get new ration card( if you lost only )while applying through online but as per our duty we would like to share the two methods as well. Have a look at this methods , we do cover with detailed instructions as well . This article has been updated in 2016.


1) We are highly requesting to follow this method instead of online , this method will give all of the brief clarification or you can even say it has to get duplicate ration card offline in 2015 or 2016 , NOTE : The below application is for only lost ration card purpose.

2) Download the application form here , if you lost your ration card in 2015 or 2016 ...2000

3) Then after fill that application form , make sure you also need to attach the affidavit to it by taking from the near by any gazetted officer , the affidavit is (not mandatory) . But , in some states this should be mandatory just before to take the affidavit just ask near by any ration card officer or food supplier about affidavit from gazetted officer.

4) Now , all you need to fill that application form and submit that duplicate ration card application form(lost ration card only) to your food supplier shop. Below are the complete list of details that you need to fill in order not to make any mistake.
  • Fill the address properly 
  • Fill the surname and head of the family person name correct
  • Check out the spell mistake 
  • Add the old ration card number on that duplicate application form
5) Once you fill that application form now , all you need to attach the affidavit to it and also write your old ration card number on that application form . Once you will done here you go 

Duplicate application form + Affidavit(not mandatory) + Duplicate application form with old ration card on it .
6) Above is the list of details and application form information that you need to carry to ration card shop or food supplier shop in order to get the new ration card shop . Some times you have even to write down the letter to food supplier shop on what purpose that you have been lost your ration card . This is not mandatory but most of the food supplier will ask you to write for the security reasons.

7) The application that has been used over there is FORM D-1 , just to share with you , because the above application that we are just shared is in hindi So , if you want to English application form just contact near by any ration card shop and ask them that you have just lost ration card.

So , the above method will explain you to get new ration card if lost with detailed instruction if you have any doubts related to that section do comment here we are here to help you out . Once you were done you will get an acknowledgment number take that acknowledgement number with you or receipt number in order to track the ration card status online . Make sure that the above procedure is offline that means you need to move to outside to near by any ration card shop and get it . The above application form is in hindi , if you want in english ask near by any ration card shop and name of the application form is FORM D-1.


We are not guarantee to get your ration card online if you have been lost . Because most of the sites that were still under developing , so get new ration card if you lost in online is practically not work out . Any ways as our duty to share the most of the information on how to get new ration card if lost we are now going to share the complete instructions if you wish to get new ration card online for lost one . Below is the steps

1) Below are the complete list of state website where you will get the information as well in 2015 , the website that we are just shared over here is not yet processed fully . But , as far in the year 2016 , most of the websites will going to launch in the form of portal way so that all your data will get stored in their data base . When ever you want to get it you can retrieve all of the information as well.

2) Once you open those website at the right corner you will seen a link as like " Lost ration card or apply duplicate ration card via online. Then just click on that link you will get an application form to fill that list once you were done you will get an receipt form or acknowledgement number in order to track the ration card status online.

3) Hers is the complete list of website some of the state wide website has not been available or may be they have not launched once they will launched we will get to know you . Check out the websites here , 

Andhra Pradesh(AP) - Amarvathi - http://epdsap.ap.gov.in/

Assam(as) - Dispur - http://fcs.assam.gov.in:8080/PDS/index.html

Arunachal pradesh(ar) - Itanagar - http://www.arunfcs.gov.in/

Chhattisgarh(ct) - Raipur - http://khadya.cg.nic.in/

Goa(ga) - Mumbai - http://www.goacivilsupplies.gov.in/

Gujarat(gj)  ------------Ahmedabad ----------- http://ipds.gujarat.gov.in/

Bihar(br) -Patna - http://www.bihar.com/RationCard.aspx

Haryana(hr) - Chandigarh - http://haryanafood.nic.in/l

HimachalPradesh(hp) Shimla- http://admis.hp.nic.in/ehimapurti/procedures.htm

Jammu Kashmir(jk) - Srinagar -http://jkcapd.nic.in/

Jharkhand(jh) - Ranchi - 

Karnataka(ka) - Bangalore - http://ahara.kar.nic.in/

Kerala(kl) - Thiruvananth puram - http://ahara.kar.nic.in/

Madhya Pradesh(mp) - Bhopal - http://bhopalbplcard.org//

Maharashtra(mh) - Mumbai - http://mahafood.gov.in

Manipur(mr) - Manipuri - http://manipur.gov.in/?page_id=3554

Meghalaya - Shilong - 

Mizoram(mz) - Aizwal - http://fcsca.mizoram.gov.in

Nagaland(nl) Bhubaneswar - 

Odisha(or) - Bhubaneswar - http://www.foododisha.in/

Punjab(pb) - Chandigarh - http://punjab.gov.in

Rajasthan(rj)Jaipur - http://www.rsfcsc.org/

Sikkim(sk) - Gangtok - http://sikkimfcs-cad.gov.in/ration_card.html

Tamil Nadu(tn) - Chennai - http://www.tn.gov.in

Telangana(tg) - Hyderabad - http://epds.telangana.gov.in

Uttarkhand(ut) - Dehradun - http://ceo.uk.gov.in/

West Bengal(wb) - Kolkata - https://wbpds.gov.in

Delhi(dl) - Delhi - http://nfs.delhi.gov.in/

The above information is valid in all districts , as like andhra pradesh(ap) , arunachal pradesh(ar) , assam(as) , chhattisgarh(ct) , goa(ga) , gujarat(gj) , bihar(br) , haryana(hr) , himachal pradesh(hp) , jammu and kashmir(jk) , jharkhand(jh) , karnataka(ka) , kerala(kl) , madhya pradesh(mp) , maharashtra(mh) , manipur(mn) , meghalaya(ml) , mizoram(mz) , nagaland(nl) , odisha(or) , punjab(pb) ,rajasthan(rj) , sikkim(sk) , tamil nadu (tn) , telangana(tg) , tripura(tr) ,uttar pradesh(up), uttarkhand(ut) , west bengal(wb) , delhi(dl) and main cities Hyderabad , bangalore . The application form that we are just shared over here is from meeseva.